Water Based EPDM Deck Adhesive


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ClassicBond® Waterbased Adhesive

This adhesive is specifically designed to be used with the ClassicBond® EPDM membrane to adhere to timber surfaces. It is a high strength water based adhesive with low odour. It is designed to be roller applied to flat roof surfaces.

Colour: Cream
Size Options:

2.5 Litres (Coverage 7 to 10 sqm)
5.0 Litres (Coverage 15 to 20 sqm)
7.5 Litres (Coverage 25 to 30 sqm)
10 Litres (Coverage 35 to 40 sqm)
15 Litres (Coverage 50 to 60 sqm)

Installation Note:

After allowing the rubber roofing membrane to relax in position on the roof, roll half of the membrane back to the centre of the roof to expose the deck. The adhesive can then be applied in small stages (strips) and the rubber roofing membrane rolled back in place whilst the adhesive is still wet. This will help avoid the adhesive drying out prematurely on hot days