Pipe Boot (25mm to 150mm) with Steel Adjustable Hose Clip


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Pipe Boot (25mm to 150mm) with Steel Adjustable Hose Clip

Material:         EPDM Rubber & Steel Hose Clip
Colour:            Black
Size:                  25mm to 150mm diameter

1x Pipe Boot
1x Steel Adjustable Hose Clip

Used for:

EPDM pipe boots are cured, pre-moulded EPDM flashings used to create a waterproof seal between the roof deck and protruding pipework. Pre-applied seam tape on the base of the pipe seal gives fast and simple application, it has a ribbed collar for accurate cutting and a stainless steel clamping ring.

Installation Notes:

  1. After installing the roofing membrane place the pipe boot in position by sliding it over the drain or pipe. You may need to cut to required diameter
  2. Mark the roofing membrane to show where rubber primer is to be applied
  3. Remove boot and apply rubber primer
  4. Wait until primer is touch dry and then re-install the pipe boot positioning over the pipe and onto the roof membrane.
  5. Smooth down the join with a seam roller
  6. Roll back the top of the boot and apply water cut off mastic around the pipe.
  7. Roll back top of boot over mastic and install and tighten hose clip using screwdriver.