Horizontal Drain Water Outlet 100mm


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Horizontal Drain Water Outlet 100mm

Material:         Synthetic Rubber
Colour:            Black
Size:                  100mm x 100mm x 500mm (requires hole size 105mm x 105mm)

1 x Horizontal Drain
1 x Leaf Grate

Used for: 

The angled roof outlet is designed to be used horizontally through parapet walls or pitched roofs this type of drain can also be used as a vertical type outlet in box gutter details.

For example, this drain would be used where the roof is lower than the wall where a hole through the wall allows water to drain into a gutter. Many large industrial building and 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s front porches have a similar roof design.

Installation notes:

  1. Install rubber membrane as per instructions.
  2. Cut hole in membrane and slide horizontal outlet in to place.
  3. Use 9″ Elastoform tape to waterproof outlet on to rubber membrane