EPDM T Bar 3 Metres (Aluminium)


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EPDM T Bar 3 Metres (Aluminium)

Length:                    3.0m
Material:                Aluminium
Width of Trim:     25mm
Qty in Pack:           1
Includes:                21 Hex Bolts and plastic caps

Used for:

The aluminium EPDM Termination Bar is used to create a compression seal, used in conjunction with Water Cut-off Mastic & Lap Sealant a waterproof junction is created on up-stands or where EPDM membrane joins into existing roofing materials such as felt.

Termination Bars are also used instead of 3 metres Plastisol Wall Trim, to create a watertight seal to up stands if you don’t have an angle grinder or where cutting a chase affects neighbouring roof systems.

The membrane is clamped to the substrate using the Termination Bar.

Installation Note:

The water cut-off mastic is applied behind the EPDM membrane and compressed using the Termination Bar. Lap Sealant is applied along the top of the Termination bar in the angled slot provided.