EPDM Rubber Primer


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ClassicBond EPDM Primer

Rubber Primer is used to bond tapes and accessories to EPDM Rubber membrane.

Colour: Clear
Available Sizes: 

0.25  Litre
0.50 Litre
1.0    Litre

Rubber Primer is used to bond EPDM Rubber Membrane to;

9″ Elastoform
6″ Cover Tape
3″ Splice Tape
Pipe boot
Internal Drain using 9″ Elastoform

A 0.25 Litre Tin will cover one of the following scenarios:

Coverage: 6.5 Metres of 3″ Splice Tape (both sides)
Coverage: 6.5 Metres of 6″ Cover Tape (one side)
Coverage: 4.5 Metres of 9″ Elastoform Tape (one side)

Note: Do not use this primer to adhere membrane to membrane without the use of splice tape