6 inch Cover Tape (Per Linear Metre)


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6” Cover Tape/Overlayment Strip

Width:            150mm (6”)
Length:           Per linear meter (for example: if you require 3 meters enter 3 in the quantity box)
Material:        Part Cured Synthetic Rubber
Colour:           Black

Used for:

The ClassicBond cover strip is used when joining two pieces of membrane where there is no overlap therefore a 3” splice/seam tape cannot be used.

The cover strip is used to give a 3” overlap on both pieces of membrane, ensuring a completely waterproof seal.

The ClassicBond Cover tape consists of a semi cured EPDM strip laminated to a fully cured synthetic rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive. It resists tearing, cracking and abrasion in all weather conditions.

Installation Note: 

The EPDM membranes must be clean (no dust/dirt) and dry. Apply ClassicBond Primer to the membrane using a scrub pad or brush, when touch dry position the cover tape and slowly peel off the backing and smooth with your hand, removing creases and air as you go, finish using a seam roller to apply pressure, ensuring an even seal.

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