3 Inch Seam Tape (Per Linear Metre)


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Pressure Sensitive 3” Seam Tape/Splice Tape

Material:      Synthetic Rubber
Width:           75mm (3”)
Length:         Per linear meter (for example: if you require 3 meters enter 3 in the quantity box)
Colour:          Black

Used for:

3 Inch EPDM Seam tape is used when you are required to join two pieces of EPDM membranes together, such as on a “L” shaped roof. The seam tape is pressure sensitive and is designed to fuse two membranes together to form a long-term high strength seam, ensuring the join is completely waterproof.

Installation Note:

When joining two pieces of EPDM membrane, ensure that the two pieces are overlapping by 3” (75mm). First fold back the top layer and apply ClassicBond Rubber Primer with a scrubbing brush or paintbrush to the top and bottom layer so that when you unfold the top layer that the two areas with primer bond together. Once the primer is touch dry (tacky) on both layers, the splice tape can be applied. Start at one end with the backing film facing upwards, apply the seam tape to the bottom layer over the primer, smooth the tape with your hand to remove any creases. Finally fold the top membrane onto the seam tape and pull away the backing film on the seam tape at a 45-degree angle and smooth the membrane onto the tape as you go. Finish by using a seam roller to apply correct pressure and ensure a strong seal.

Other Uses:

EPDM rubber membrane can be joined onto TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC roofs with seam tape. Seam tape is a cost effective way to repair damaged TPO and PVC rather than replace a whole flat roof.

When joining the rubber membrane to uneven or mineral built up roof surfaces, such Felt or Asphalt, the use of a Termination bar and water cut off mastic is required.

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